An Elegy to Emmanuel

Compelling, revealing and sympatiquely at nineteen my own nadir.


An Elegy to Emmanuel

Do you remember
I was five years old when we met
At L’Ecole des Belles Feuilles.
And I invited you, a small French boy
Home for Thursday lunch. And you so shy,
Had to be coaxed up the stairs
Step by step up that red carpet,
To the third floor at eleven
Rue Spontini; by the pastry shop,
Where later, after school we would buy
Yellow Caramba toffee sticks.

Do you remember
How we played for hours, building battleships.
From Lego. With triple rows of cannon,
We fought sea battles in my bedroom.
Or when, in your flat with the long corridor,
Grey walls and wooden floors, that you shared
With your mother and three brothers,
We giggled and panicked, as we spun off
Musical Chairs and I, dared to refuse
Your mum’s coffee cake, as we boys gathered
Around the table in La Rue de…

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